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Goh Poh Seng was born in Kuala Lumpur in 1936. He grew up in Malaya and studied medicine at Trinity College, Dublin. From 1961, he lived and practised medicine in Singapore, where he founded a publishing press, a magazine and an arts centre. In 1986, he emigrated to Canada, where he continued to practise medicine, till his retirement. He died in 2010. As well as poetry and novels, he also wrote several plays.

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Goh Poh Seng
Goh Poh Seng
Goh Poh Seng


1972 If We Dream Too Long (novel)
1976 Eyewitness (poetry)
1977 The Immolation (novel)
1978 Lines From Batu Ferringhi (poetry)
1982 Bird With One Wing (poetry)
1995 A Dance Of Moths (novel)
1990 Gate of Heavenly Peace (poetry)
1998 The Girl From Ermita & Selected Poems (poetry)
2000 As Though the Gods Love Us (poetry)
2001 Dance With White Clouds (novel)