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Choi Jin-young was born in Seoul in 1981. She studied Korean literature at Duksung Women’s University, where she started writing poetry. After graduating, she started writing prose while working as a teacher at a crammer school She received an award for a short story and then took to novel writing, winning the Hankyoreh Literary Award for her first novel. She has gone on to publish both novels and short story collections. Not to be confused with the actor of the same name .

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Choi Jin-young
Choi Jin-young


2010 당신 옆을 스쳐간 그 소녀의 이름 (novel)
2011 끝나지 않는 노래 (novel)
2013 나는 왜 죽지 않았는가 (novel)
2013 팽이( (stories)
2015 구의 증명 (novel)
2017 해가 지는 곳으로 (To the Warm Horizon) (novel)
2019 이제야 언니에게 (novel)
2019 겨울방학 (stories)