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Park Kyŏng-ni


Also known as Pak Kyŏng-ni and Pak/Park Kyong-ri.

Park Kyŏng-ni was born Park Geum-I in 1926 in Tongyeong, in the South of Korea. Her father was fourteen when he married her mother, who was eighteen. It was not a happy marriage. Her husband was accused of being a communist and died in prison. She started to write soon after the Korean War. She has written stories, essays and novels but is best known for her epic, sixteen volume novel, 토지 (Land) which was also made into an opera, TV series and film. She died in 2008.

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Park Kyung-ni


Only books translated into English
1967 김약국의딸들 (The Curse of Kim’s Daughters)
1979 토지 (Land)