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Yasmine Gooneratne was born Yasmine Bandaranaike in Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) in 1935, a member of the well-to-do Ceylonese family which included Sirimavo Bandaranaike, the first woman prime minister in the world. She graduated from Bishop’s College, the University of Ceylon and Cambridge University. In 1962, she married the doctor and environmentalist Dr Brendan Gooneratne. They emigrated to Sydney, Australia, where they now live and she teaches literature.

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Yasmine Gooneratne
Yasmine Gooneratne
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Extracts from three of her works


1968 English Literature in Ceylon, 1815-1878
1970 Jane Austen
1970 Word, Bird, Motif
1972 The Lizard’s Cry and Other Poems
1976 Alexander Pope
1980 Diverse Inheritance: a Personal Perspective on Commonwealth literature
1981 6000 Ft Death Dive
1983 Silence, Exile and Cunning: the Fiction of Ruth Prawer Jhabvala
1986 Relative Merits: A Personal Memoir of the Bandaranaike Family of Sri Lanka
1986 James D’Alwis, Member of the Legislative Council of Ceylon, 1823-1878
1991 A Change of Skies
1991 Celebrations and Departures. Selected Poems, 1951-91
1996 The Pleasures of Conquest
2002 Masterpiece and Other Stories
2002 Celebrating Sri Lankan Women’s English Writing 1948-2000
2006 The Sweet and Simple Kind