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Mom Rajawongse (M.R.) Kukrit Pramoj was born in Sing Buri Province in 1911. He came from a well-to-do, upper-class family. He went to boarding school in England and studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University. He started his career in finance and banking before founding the Progress Party, the first political party in Thailand. He also founded a newspaper. At the same time, he became immersed in Thai culture and wrote many works – fiction and non-fiction. He was prime minister for a year, from 1975 and 1976, during which time he went to China and met Mao Zedong and re-established Thai relations with China. He even appeared as an actor in the film The Ugly American, playing a prime minister. He died in 1995.

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Kukrit Pramoj
Kukrit Pramoj
Momrajawong (M.R.) Kukrit Pramoj


Only fiction

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1952 เพ่อนนอน (stories)
1954 ไผ่แดง (Red Bamboo) (novel)
1956 หลายชีวิต (Many Lives) (novel)
1957 ซูสีไทเฮา (novel)
1961 ฝรั่งศักดินา(novel)
1963 ยิวสี่แผ่นดิน (Four Reigns) (novel)
1967 ยิว (novel)
1989 กาเหว่าที่บางเพลง (novel)
1989 ขุนช้างขุนแผน (novel)