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Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar was born in Constantinople in 1901. His father, a judge was of Georgian origin. His mother died when he was thirteen. Because his father’s job meant moving around a lot, he was educated in various cities, before studying at the Faculty of Literature of Istanbul University. He was tutored by Yahya Kemal, who was a big influence on him. After university he became a teacher. He was appointed to the newly founded chair of 19th-Century Turkish Literature, as professor of New Turkish Literature, at the Istanbul University. His first publications were poems but he went on to write stories, essays and novels. He was a translator, translating Anatole France and E T A Hoffmann. He also became a member of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. He died in 1962. Many of his works were published posthumously.

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1943 Abdullah Efendinin Rüyaları (stories)
1946 Beş Şehir (essays)
1949 Huzur (A Mind at Peace)
1955 Yaz Yağmuru (stories)
1961 Şiirler (poetry)
1962 Saatleri Ayarlama Enstitüsü (The Time Regulation Institute) (novel)
1967 Yahya Kemal, (essays)
1969 Edebiyat Üzerine Makaleler (essays)
1970 Yaşadığım Gibi (essays)
1973 Sahnenin Dışındakiler (novel)
1975 Mahur Beste (novel)
1983 Y Hikâyeler (stories)
1987 Aydaki Kadın (novel)