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Leylâ Erbil was born in Istanbul in 1931. She studied at the Department of English Language and Literature of Istanbul University but her education was interrupted by her first two marriages. She started writing while working as a secretary and translator for Scandinavian Airlines, starting with poetry and then writing short stories. She published her first novel – Tuhaf Bir Kadın (A Strange Woman) – in 1971. She continued to publish stories, essays and novels. She was involved with the Workers Party of Turkey, till it merged with the Communist Party. She died in 2013.

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1961 Hallaç (stories)
1968 Gecede (stories)
1971 Tuhaf Bir Kadın (A Strange Woman) (novel)
1977 Eski Sevgili (stories)
1985 Karanlığın Günü (novel)
1988 Mektup Aşkları (novel)
1998 Zihin Kuşları (essays)
2001 Cüce (novel)
2005 Üç Başlı Ejderha (novel)
2011 Kalan (novel)
2013 Tuhaf Bir Erkek (novel)