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Sema Kaygusuzi was born in Samsun in 1972. As her father was in the military, the family often had to move. She graduated from the Faculty of Communications, Department of Public Relations and Publicity of the Gazi University. She started writing stories at this time, and then moved onto novels and screenplays. One of her novels and a collection of her stories have been translated into English.

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1997 Ortadan Yarısından (story)
2000 Sandık Lekesi (story)
2002 Doyma Noktası (story)
2006 Yere Düşen Dualar (novel)
2004 Esir Sözler Kuyusu
2009 Yüzünde Bir Yer (Every Fire You Tend) (novel)
2012 Karaduygun (story)
2013 Sultan ve Şair (drama)
2015 Barbarın Kahkahası (novel)
2015 The Well of Trapped Words : Selected Stories
2018 Aramızdaki ağaç (essay)