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Sevgi Soysal was born in 1936 in Istanbul. Her father was an architect and her mother German. She studied archeology at Ankara University but did not graduate, obtaining a degree much later. After marrying the poet Özdemir Nutku, she went to Germany with him and attended lectures on archeology and theatre at the University of Göttingen. she returned to Turkey where she worked at the Cultural Centre of the German Embassy and Ankara Radio and took up acting. She met her second husband while acting. She was imprisoned after the military coup of March 1971 where she met a professor of constitutional law, whom she later married in prison. She was released but again imprisoned. She contracted breast cancer and had a mastectomy. She went for treatment to London but died after returning to Turkey in 1976. She had written stories, novels and memoirs. Two of her novels have been published in English.

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Sevgi Soysal
Sevgi Soysal
Sevgi Soysal
Sevgi Soysal
Sevgi Soysal (in Turkish)


1968 Tante Rosa (novel)
1970 Yürümek (novel)
1973 enişehir’de Bir Öğle Vakti (Noontime in Yenişehir)
1975 Şafak (Dawn) (novel)
1976 Yıldırım Bölge Kadınlar Koğuşu (memoir)
1976 Barış Adlı Çocuk (stories)
1981 Bakmak (articles)
1982 Hoş Geldin Ölüm (novel- incomplete])