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Daša Drndić was born in Zagreb in 1946. Her father was a journalist and diplomat. She studied English language and literature at the University of Belgrade and obtained a master’s degree in theatre and communications from Southern Illinois University, under a Fulbright scholarship. She also studied at Case Western Reserve University. She worked as a literary translator, an English teacher, a radio playwright and editor of television drama programmes. In the early 1990s, she moved from Belgrade to Rijeka, and obtained a doctorate at the University of Rijeka, where she later taught British literature and creative writing. She came to fame in the West with her novel Sonnenschein, translated as Trieste, about the Holocaust, a subject which appears in many of her works. She died in 2018 of cancer. In her novel EEG, she famously stated History remembers the names of the perpetrators, while the names of victims are forgotten.

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Daša Drndić


1982 Put do subote
1984 Kamen s neba
1997 Marija Częstohowska još uvijek roni suze ili Umiranje u Torontu
1998 Canzone di guerra
2000 Totenwande
2002 Doppelgänger (Doppelgänger)
2003 Leica format (Leica Format)
2005 After Eight : književni ogledi
2006 Feministički rukopis ili Politička parabola : drame Lillian Hellman
2007 Sonnenschein (Trieste)
2009 April u Berlinu
2012 Belladonna (Belladonna)
2016 EEG (E.E.G.)