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Dubravka Ugrešić was born in Kutina in 1949. She studied comparative literature and Russian at the University of Zagreb and then continued to work at the university in the Institute for the Study of Literature. She originally wrote novels for children. Since then she has mainly written adult post-modern fiction. She left Croatia in 1993 for political reasons, having taken an anti-nationalist stance, and has since worked in Europe and the United States, teaching at various universities. She has written novels, essays, short stories and works of literary criticism. She died in 2023.

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1971 Mali plamen (children’s)
1976 Filip i Srećica (children’s)
1978 Poza za prozu (stories)
1980 Nova ruska proza (literature)
1981 Štefica Cvek u raljama života (In the Jaws of Life) (stories)
1983 Život je bajka (stories)
1988 Forsiranje romana-reke (Fording the Stream of Consciousness) (novel)
1992 In the Jaws of Life (stories)
1993 Američki fikcionar (Have A Nice Day: From the Balkan War to the American Dream ) (essays)
1995 Kultura laži (The Culture of Lies) (essays)
1997 Muzej bezuvjetne predaje (The Museum of Unconditional Surrender) (novel)
2001 Zabranjeno čitanje (Thank You For Not Reading) (essays)
2004 Ministarstvo boli (The Ministry of Pain) (novel)
2005 Nikog nema doma (Nobody’s Home) (essays)
2005 Lend Me Your Character (stories)
2008 Baba Jaga je snijela jaje (Baba Yaga Laid An Egg ) (novel)
2010 Kućni duhovi (children’s)
2010 Napad na minibar (essays)
2010 Karaoke kultura (Karaoke Culture) (essays)
2014 Europa u sepiji (Europe in Sepia) (essays)
2017 Lisica (Fox) (novel)
2019 Doba kože (Age of Skin) (essays)
2020 Tu nema ničega! (essay)
2021 Brnjica za vještice (A Muzzle for Witches) (feminism, literature)