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Josip Novakovich was born in Daruvar, Croatia in 1956. His father was a shoemaker. He studied medicine in Novi Sad before going to the United States to study psychology at Vassar. He later studied divinity at Yale and creative writing at the University of Texas in Austin. He has taught English at the University of Cincinnati and Penn State. His books, including stories, works on fiction writing and a novel, have all been written in English.

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1995 Fiction Writer’s Workshop
1995 Apricots from Chernobyl (stories)
1995 Yolk: Short Stories
1998 Writing Fiction Step by Step
1998 Salvation and Other Disasters (stories)
2003 Plum Brandy : Croatian Journeys
2004 April Fool’s Day (novel)
2005 Infidelities: Stories of War and Lust
2008 Fiction Writer’s Workshop : The Key Elements Of A Writing Workshop
2010 Three Deaths (stories)
2012 Shopping for a Better Country: Essays
2017 Heritage of Smoke (novel)
2019 Honey in the Carcase (stories)
2019 Yahbo The Hawk (stories)