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Jan Balabán was born in Šumperk in 1961. His brother is the painter Daniel Balabán. The family moved to Ostrava when Balabán was one. He studied Czech and English at the Faculty of Philosophy of Palacký University in Olomouc. After graduating, he worked as a technical translator at the Vítkovice Ironworks and then as a freelance translator, translating the works of H P Lovecraft and Terry Eagleton, amongst others. His early work was short stories but he later wrote novels as well. He died in 2010, aged forty-nine.

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1995 Středověk (stories)
1998 Boží lano (stories)
1998 Prázdniny (stories)
2000 Černý beran (story
2001 Srdce draka (comic)
2003 Kudy šel anděl? (Where Was the Angel Going?) (novel)
2004 Možná že odcházíme (Maybe We Are Leaving) (stories)
2006 Jsme tady (stories)
2010 Zeptej se táty (novel)
2010 Povídky (stories)
2011 Romány a povídky (novels, stories)