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Anton Hansen Tammsaare was bornAnton Hansen in Albu in 1878, the son of a poor farmer. However, he managed to get enough money for an education and attended the University of Tartu, where he studied law. In 1911 he contracted tuberculosis and spent a year in a sanatorium in the Caucasus and six years on his brother’s farm. After Estonian independence in 1981, he moved to Tallinn where he married and started writing the works which would ensure his fame in Estonian literature. His best-known work is the five-novel sequence Tõde ja õigus which means Truth and Justice The first volume has been translated into English. Põrgupõhja Uus Vanapagan (The Misadventures of The New Satan) also had considerable success. He died in 1940.

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Anton Hansen Tammsaare
Anton Tammsaare (1878-1940) – originally Anton Hansen
A. H. Tammsaare
Writer Anton Hansen Tammsaare
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1902 Kaks paari ja üksainus
1903 Vanad ja noored
1907 Raha-auk
1907 Uurimisel
1908 Pikad sammud
1910 Üle piiri
1909 Noored hinged
1915 Poiss ja liblik
1915 Keelest ja luulest
1917 Kärbes
1917 Varjundid
1919 Sõjamõtted
1921 Juudit
1922 Kõrboja peremeesa
1923 Pöialpoiss
1924 Sic Transit
1926 Tõde ja õigus I (Truth and Justice: Andres and Pearu; later: Vargamäe)
1929 Tõde ja õigus II
1931 Tõde ja õigus III
1932 Tõde ja õigus IV
1933 Tõde ja õigus V
1932 Meie rebane
1934 Elu ja armastus
1935 Ma armastasin sakslast (I Loved a German)
1936 Kuningal on külm
1938 Hiina ja hiinlane
1939 Põrgupõhja Uus Vanapagan (The Misadventures of The New Satan)
1977 Miniatuure (Miniatures)
1077-1993 Kogutud teosed [Collected Works]