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Inga Abele was born in Riga in 1972. She joined the Latvian Academy of Culture in 1997, where she studied theatre and TV drama. She was initially a playwright and several of her plays have been performed in Latvia. She has also written novels, poetry and short stories.

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Inga Abele
Inga Abele
Inga Abele


1999 Akas māja (stories)
2000 Nakts pragmatiķe (poetry)
2000 Tumšie brieži (drama)
2001 Uguns nemodina (novel)
2001 Dzelzszāle (drama)
2004 Sniega laika piezīmes (stories)
2005 Austrumos no saules un ziemeļos no zemes (stories)
2006 Atgāzenes stacijas zirgi (poetry)
2008 Paisums (High Tide) (novel)
2010 Kamenes un skudras (stories)
2014 Klūgu mūks (novel)
2017 Duna (The Year the River Froze Twice) (novel)
2020 Balta kleita (stories)