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Petre M. Andreevski


Petre M. Andreevski was born in 1934 in Sloeštica, Demir Hisar. He attended the faculty of Philosophy in Skopje, where he wrote his first poems and initially made his name as a poet. He later went on to write stories, plays and novels, including Пиреј (Pirey), considered one of the classics of Macedonian literature. He died in 2006.

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Petre M. Andreevski


1960 Јазли (poetry)
1962 И на небо и на земја (poetry)
1964 Седмиот ден (stories)
1968 Дениција (poetry)
1969Пролет за приказ (novel)
1971 Дални наковални (poetry)
1974 Неверни години (stories)
1975 Пофалби и поплаки (poetry)
1980 Пиреј (Pirey) (novel)
1983 Скакулци (novel)
1987 Вечна куќа (poetry)
1988 Небеска Тимјановна (novel)
1994 Сите лица на смртта (stories)
1997 Последните селани (novel)
1999 Лакримариј (poetry)
2003 Тунел (novel)