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Andrej Nikolaidis was born in Sarajevo in 1974. Accordingly Wikipedia calls him a Bosnian author. However,his father was a Montenegrin from Ulcinj and the family moved there when the war broke out after the break-up of Yugoslavia. The three books of his translated into English are all set in Montenegro, so I have called him Montenegrin.

Nikolaidis became very active in politics, supporting Montenegrin independence and human rights. He was active in both print and TV journalism and, as a result of his views, received death threats. He has been involved in various political feuds, particularly with the actor Emir Kusturica. Three of his novels are available in English.

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Note Nikolaidis does have a Twitter account but at the time of writing he has never used it.


2003 Mimesis
2006 Sin (The Son)
2007 Balkanska Rapsodija
2008 Mimesis i drugi skandali
2009 Dolazak (The Coming)
2010 Homo Sucker : Poetika Apokalips
2012 Odlaganje. Parezija
2013 Mala enciklopedija ludila
2014 Devet (Till Kingdom Come)
2015 Smjena straže
2017 Mađarska rečenica