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Andrzej Stasiuk was born in Warsaw in 1960. After primary school, he went to a secondary school, from which he was expelled. He did not have any more formal schooling. He joined a pacifist organisation and then, when he was drafted into the army, deserted, for which he served a year and a half in prison. He describes his experience in prison in his first collection of stories Mury Hebronu [Walls of Hebron]. This collection was very controversial, because it was very violent and used a lot of obscenities in describing prison life. His most successful work has been the novel Biały kruk (White Raven), though he has written short stories, poetry and essays, the latter particularly about the new realities of Central and Eastern Europe. He and his wife founded a publishing house called Czarne, named after the village where they live.

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Andrzej Stasiuk
Andrzej Stasiuk
Andrzej Stasiuk
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1992 Mury Hebronu (stories)
1994 Wiersze miłosne i nie (poetry)
1995 Biały kruk (White Raven) (novel)
1995 Opowieści galicyjskie (Tales of Galicia) (stories)
1996 Przez rzekę (stories)
1997 Dukla (Dukla) (stories and essays)
1998 Dwie sztuki (telewizyjne) o śmierci (TV drama)
1998 Jak zostałem pisarzem. Próba biografii intelektualnej (memoir)
1999 Dziewięć (Nine) (novel)
2000 Moje Europa. Dwa eseje o Europie zwanej środkową (with Yuri Andrukhovych)
2000 Tekturowy samolot (essays)
2000 Opowieści wigilijne (with Olga Tokarczuk and Jerzy Pilch) (stories)
2001 Zima
2002 Swiat. Fotografie dzieci z Jesionki i Krzywej (stories)
2004 Jadąc do Babadag (On the Road to Babadag: Travels in the Other Europe) (travel)
2005 Noc. Słowiańsko-germańska tragifarsa medyczna (drama)
2006 Fado (Fado) (essays)
2007 Dojczland (story)
2007 Ciemny las (drama)
2009 Taksim (novel)
2009 Czekajac na Turka (drama)
2010 Dziennik pisany później (essays)
2012 Grochów (story)
2013 Nie ma ekspresów przy żółtych drogach (essays)
2014 Wschód (novel)