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Tadeusz Dołęga-Mostowicz


Tadeusz Dołęga-Mostowicz was born in Okuniewo near Vitebsk (now in Belarus) in 1898. His father was a wealthy lawyer. He started studying at the Faculty of Law of the University in Kiev but interrupted his studies to join the Polish underground fighting the Bolsheviks. After the war the Bolsheviks seized the family estate and he moved back to Warsaw, where he joined the Polish army, fighting the Soviets. After demobilisation, he worked as a journalist, where his discussion of politically sensitive matters resulted in his being kidnapped and being beaten up. Because of ill health following this incident, he quit journalism and became a writer.

In 1932, his best-known work was published, Kariera Nikodema Dyzmy (The Career of Nicodemus Dyzma). He continued to write and also wrote film scripts of his novels, many of which were made into succesful films.

He joined the army in 1939 when the Germans invaded but was killed in Kuty, probably by Soviet soldiers. His books were banned by the Communists.

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1930 Ostatnia brygada (novel)
1932 Kariera Nikodema Dyzmy (The Career of Nicodemus Dyzma) (novel)
1932 Prokurator Alicja Horn (novel)
1932 Kiwony (novel)
1933 Czeki bez pokrycia (novel)
1933 Bracia Dalcz i S-ka (novel)
1934 Trzecia płeć (novel)
1934 Świat pani Malinowskiej (novel)
1935 Złota Maska (novel)
1935 Wysokie Progi (novel)
1936 Doktor Murek zredukowany (novel)
1936 Drugie życie doktora Murka (novel)
1937 Znachor (novel)
1938 Trzy serca (novel)
1939 Profesor Wilczur (novel)
1929 Pamiętnik pani Hanki (novel)