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Wioletta Greg (real name: Wioletta Grzegorzewska) was born in Rzeniszów, Poland in 1974. She studied Polish philology at the Higher Pedagogical School (WSP) in Częstochowa. She and her husband, Szymon Grzegorzewski, published a literary magazine and ran an independent publishing house called Bulion. Much of her earlier work was poetry, published in literary magazines and in book form. In 2006, she emigrated to England, living on the Isle of Wight. She now lives in Essex. She has since written stories and published a novel.

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1997 Wyobraźnia kontrolowana (poetry)
2003 Parantele (poetry)
2008 Orinoko (poetry)
2010 Inne obroty (poetry)
2011 Ruchy Browna (poetry)
2011 Smena’s Memory. Collected Poems (poetry)
2012 Notatnik z wyspy (story)
2014 Finite Formulae and Theories of Chance (bilingual English/Polish) (poetry)
2014 Guguły (Swallowing Mercury) (novel)
2017 Czasy zespolone. Wybór wierszy (poetry)
2017 Stancje (Accommodations) (stories)
2020 Dodatkowa dusza (novel)
2021 Lola i ptaki (children’s)