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Mircea Cărtărescu was born in Bucharest in 1956. His father was an engineer. He attended the University of Bucharest, where he met other writers who were looking to change Romanian literature. After graduation he became a teacher of Romanian literature. His initial work was in poetry and he gradually earned a reputation as one of the leading Romanian poets. Though he claimed to have been writing prose for some time, it was only in 1989 that his first prose work was published, a collection of connected stories. After the fall of communism, he became a lecturer in literature at the University of Bucharest. His reputation was further enhanced with the publication of Levantul, an epic poem in twelve books. In 1994, his first proper novel was published. He is now recognised as the leading contemporary Romanian writer.

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1980 Faruri, vitrine, fotografii (poetry)
1982 Aer cu diamante (poetry)
1983 Poeme de amor (poetry)
1985 Totul (poetry)
1989 Visul (connected stories)
1990 Levantul [The Levant] (epic)
1991 Visul chimeric (criticism)
1993 Nostalgia (Nostalgia) (revised version of Visul – connected stories/novel)
1994 Dragostea (poetry)
1994 Translations from the Romanian of Romulus Bucur & Mircea Cartarescu Poetry Network 4: Poetry at Annaghmakerrig (poetry)
1994 Travesti [Travesty] (novel)
1996 Orbitor Vol 1, Aripa stângă (Blinding – The Left Wing) (novel)
1998 Dublu CD (poetry)
1999 Postmodernismul românesc (criticism)
1999 Bebop Baby (poetry))
2001 Jurnal (journal)
2002 Enciclopedia zmeilor (fantasy)
2002 Orbitor Vol 2, Corpul [Body] (novel)
2003 Pururi tanar, infasurat in pixeli (essay)
2003 Cincizeci de sonete (poetry)
2004 Plurivers 1 & 2 (poetry)
2004 De ce iubim femeile (Why We Love Women) (stories)
2005 Jurnal vol. II (journal)
2005 Baroane! (essays)
2005 Poeme în garanție (poetry)
2006 Rem (novel)
2006 Orbitor Vol 3, Aripa dreaptă (novel)
2007 Mendebilul: povestiri (stories)
2008 Gemenii (novel)
2010 Nimic. Poeme (1988-1992) (poetry)
2010 Frumoasele străine (long stories)
2011 Zen: jurnal 2004-2010 (journal)
2012 Ochiul căprui al dragostei noastre (essay)
2015 Poezia (poetry)
2015 Solenoid (novel)
2017 Peisaj după isterie (essay)
2019 Melancolia (novel)
2022 Theodoros (novel)
2023 Fata de la marginea vieţii : povestiri alese (stories)