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Magda Cârneci was born in Gârleni, Bacău, in 1955. She took a Ph.D. in art history at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris and subsequently spent much time in France, including as a visiting lecturer. She subsequently became visiting professor at the National University of Arts in Bucharest and editor-in-chief of ARTA magazine. She has written poetry, works on art and one novel.

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Magda Cârneci
Magda Cârneci
Magda Cârneci
Magda Cârneci (in Romanian)


1985 O tăcere asurzitoare (A Deafening Silence) (poetry)
1985 Ion Țuculescu, (art)
1989 Poeme/ Poems (in English and Romanian) (poetry)
1989 Lucian Grigorescu (art)
1992 Haosmos (Chaosmos) (poetry)
1996 Arta anilor’80. Texte despre postmodernism (Art of the 1980s in Eastern Europe. Texts on Postmodernism) (art)
1997 Psaume (in French) (poetry)
2000 Poeme politice
2000 Haosmos și alte poeme (poetry)
2000 Artele plastice în România 1945-1989 (art)
2001 FEM (FEM) (novel)
2004 Le paradis poétique (in French)
2007 Art et pouvoir en Roumanie (in French)
2008 Trois saisons poetique (in French) (poetry)
2008 Peau-ésie (poetry)
2012 Poeme (poetry)