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Maria Maïlat was born in Târgu Mureș in 1953. She started writing, publishing poetry, stories and essays in magazines. She studied sociology and psychology in Iași. She went into exile in France during Ceausescu’s dictatorship, arriving in Paris in August 1986, where she sought political asylum. She has since published poetry, novels and stories in French as well as studies in the field of sociology and anthropology. None of her work has been translated into English.

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Maria Maïlat (in Romanian)
Maria Maïlat (in French)


1985 Intrare liberă (stories)
1988 S’il est défendu de pleurer (novel)
1997 Cailles en sarcophage (poetry)
1998 Sainte Perpétuité (novel)
1998 Trans-Sylvania (poetry)
1999 La grâce de l’ennemi (novel)
1999 Klothô (poetry)
1999 La grâce de l’ennemi (novel)
2000 Graine d’Antigone (poetry)
2000 Avant de mourir en paix (stories)
2001 Cailles en sarcophage (poetry)
2001 Quitte-moi (novel)
2003 La cuisse de Kafka [Kafka’s Thigh] (novel)
2004 Silences de Bourgogne (stories)