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Norman Manea was born in 1936 in Suceava. He was deported by the Romanian fascist authorities to a concentration camp and returned to Romania in 1945 with his the surviving members of his family. He studied engineering at the Construction Institute in Bucharest. His first work was published in a short-lived, avant-garde magazine, Povestea Vorbii. He published many essays, stories and novels which the Romanian authorities condemned and he was forced into exile in 1986. He has since been a professor at several universities in the United States.

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1969 Noaptea pe latura lunga (stories)
1970 Captivi (Captives) (novel)
1974 Primele porti (stories)
1977 Cartea Fiului (novel)
1979 Anii de ucenicie ai lui August Prostul (novel)
1981 Octombrie, ora opt (October, Eight O’Clock) (stories)
1984 Pe Contur (On the Edge) (essays)
1986 Plicul negru (The Black Envelope) (novel)
1997 Despre Clovni: Dictatorul si Artistul (On Clowns: The Dictator and the Artist) (essays)
1999 Fericirea obligatorie (Compulsory Happiness) (novellas)
1999 Casa melcului (interviews)
2003 Intoarcerea huliganului (The Hooligan’s Return) (novelistic memoir)
2004 Plicuri si portrete (essays)
2006 Textul nomad (interviews)
2008 Vorbind pietrei
2008 Inaintea despartirii (Saul Bellow: Settling My Accounts Before I Go Away) (conversation with Saul Bellow)
2009 Vizuina (The Lair) (novel)
2010 Laptele negru (essays and interviews)
2010 Curierul de Est. Dialog cu Edward Kanterian
2011 Cuvinte din exil. Dialog cu Hanes Stein (Paradise Found)
2012 The Fifth Impossibility: Essays On Exile And Language
2016 Ceaiul lui Proust şi alte povestiri (literature)
2021 Umbra exilată (Exiled Shadow)