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Marin Preda was born in 1922 in the village of Siliştea-Gumeşti, in North-West Romania. His father was a farmer. Both parents had previously been married and had children from their previous marriages. Like his hero in Moromeții (The Morometes), his schooling was intermittent but when he did go, he did well. His first job was as a proofreader for a newspaper and he then worked at the National Statistical Office. He later became editor of a magazine. He started writing short stories and then graduated to novels. His final novel was highly critical of communism and was soon withdrawn. He died shortly afterwards, in 1980.

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Marin Preda


948 Întâlnirea din pământuri (novel)
1949 Ana Roșculeț
1952 Desfășurarea
1955 Moromeții (The Morometes) (novel)
1956 Ferestre întunecate
1959 Îndrăzneala
1962 Risipitorii (novel)
1968 Intrusul (novel)
1972 Imposibila întoarcere (novel)
1972 Marele singuratic (novel)
1975 Delirul (novel)
1977 Viața ca o pradă (novel)
1980 Cel mai iubit dintre pământeni (novel)