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Alexei Nikitin was born in 1967 in Kyiv. After serving in the army, he graduated from the Faculty of Physics of Kyiv Shevchenko University. He worked as a radiation medicine engineer. As an entrepreneur, he developed an emergency dust suppression system for Chernobyl. He later worked as a journalist and published a magazine. He is married to the writer Eugenia Chuprina. He has written novels and stories. One of his novels has been translated into English and one into French and Italian.

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Alexei Nikitin
Alexei Nikitin (in Ukranian)


2000 Рука птицелова (stories)
2003 Три жизни Сергея Бояршинова, банкира и художника (novel)
2003 Окно на базар (novel)
2011 Истеми (Y.T)
2012 Маджонг (novel)
2014 «Victory Park (novel)
2016 «Шкиль-моздиль (novel)
2021 От лица огня (novel)