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Igor Kaczurowsky (Kaczurowskyj) was born in 1918 in Nizhyn. His father was a lawyer and later assistant state secretary of the Ukrainian Central Council. When he was twelve, the family moved to Kursk in Russia, to escape repression. He studied in the Kursk Pedagogical Institute returning to Ukraine in 1943 and then, after the war moving to Austria. At this time he started writing stories and became a founding members of the Union of Ukrainian Scholars, Writers and Artists in Salzburg.

In 948 he emigrated to Argentina, working in the port while still writing. He lectured on Ancient Ukrainian literature at the Catholic University and later on Russian literature at the University of El Salvador, both in Buenos Aires. In 1969 he moved to Munich, working for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

He wrote poetry, stories, textbooks of theory of literature and novels, one of which has been translated into English, He died in 2013 and was buried in Kruty, Ukraine.

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Igor Kaczurowskyj


(Only books translated into English)

1956 Шлях невідомого (Because Deserters Are Immortal)