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Margarita Khemlin was born in 1960 in Chernihiv, Ukraine. Her father was a foreman and her mother a physiotherapy instructor. She studied at the Moscow Gorky Literary Institute , under the supervision of Lev Ozerov. After graduation, she did various jobs, including working for the Housing and Utilities Department, as a dishwasher, for the publisher of a magazine, a drama columnist, as a journalist and for a TV channel. Her first story was published in 1991 and she then published a collection of stories called The Jewess’s Farewell in a magazine. She published her first collection of stories in book form in 2008, which was short-listed for the Big Book prize, while her first novel was short-listed for the Russian Booker Prize. Her twin sister, Alla Mihailovna Tsitrinjak, is also a writer as is her husband, Vardvan Vartkesovich Varzhapetyan, who writes historical novels and translated the Torah into Russian. Margarita Khemlin died in 2015.

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2008 Живая очередь
2009 Великая княгиня Елизавета Фёдоровна (with Alla Tsitrinyak)
2009 Клоцвог (Klotsvog)
2010 Крайний
2012 Дознаватель (The Investigator)
2013 Про Иону