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Marjana Gaponenko was born in 1981 in Odessa. After leaving school, she studied German at the University of Odessa. She started writing poems in German. She was promoted in the review Muschelhaufen. Her poems became better known and were translated into other languages. She published her first novel in 2010 and has since written several novels, one of which ahs been translated into English. She has lived in Dublin and Cracow but currently lives in Mainz and Vienna.

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Marjana Gaponenko
Marjana Gaponenko
Marjana GaponenkoMarjana Gaponenko
Marjana Gaponenko (in German)


2000 Wie tränenlose Ritter (poetry)
2001 Tanz vor dem Gewitter (poetry)
2002 Freund (poetry)
2003 Prieten (poetry)
2003 Reise in die Ferne (poetry)
2005 Sieben Gedichte (poetry)
2007 Nachtflug (poetry)
2008 Die Löwenschule. Eine wahre Geschichte für Kinder und Erwachsene (story)
2010 Annuschka Blume (novel)
2012 Wer ist Martha? (Who is Martha?) (novel)
2015 Strohhalm in Luzifers Schweif (stories)
2016 Das letzte Rennen (novel)
2018 Der Dorfgescheite (novel)