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Valerian Pidmohylny was born in 1901 in the village of Chapli , Ekaterinoslav Governorate (now Dnipropetrovsk Oblast). His father worked as a clerk and then as a cashier. He studied maths and law at Katerynoslav University, but did not complete his course. He had started publishing at school under the pseudonym of Lord Lister. He published in the school magazine and, later, in other magazines. He worked as a teacher and in publishing.

In 1921, he moved to Kyiv where he worked as a bibliographer. He later taught Ukrainian and political science in a school. He married an actress and continued publishing stories. He was involved in the literary life of Kyiv. He wrote stories and a screenplay, published a dictionary, translated Anatole France and was a publisher and editor. However, with Soviet oppression, he became persona non grata and moved to Kharkiv, where he worked in publishing. However, only one of his stories was published during this period.

In 1934 he was arrested and charged with participation in the work of a terrorist organisation whose goal was to organise terror against party leaders. He pleaded not guilty but was sentenced to ten years in a labour camp.On the twentieth anniversary of the Russian Revolution a decree was issued, resulting in the execution of Pidmohylny and one thousand other Ukrainians. He was rehabilitated in 1956.

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Valerian Pidmohylny
Valerian Pidmohylny
Valerian Pidmohylny


(only books published in English)
1928 Місто (The City)
1930 Невеличка драма (A Little Touch of Drama)