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Zinaida Tulub was born in 1890 in Kyiv. Her father was a lawyer and poet who translated Taras Shevchenko’s poems into Russian (Shevchenko is the subject of his daughter’s novel В степу безкраїм за Уралом (The Exile)). They were later banned by the Tsarist censorship. She grew up in Bratslav and later in Taganrog. She studied literature at Kyiv University. In the 1920s, she worked as a lecturer in military units, and then worked in various Soviet institutions. She became a fiull-time writer in 1926, writing novels. In 1937 she was arrested by the Soviet authorities and her manuscripts were destroyed. She was sentenced to ten years in prison and released in 1947 and worked as a school librarian. In 1947-1955, she was in exile in Northern Kazakhstan and then returned to Kyiv where she died in 1964.

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1964 В степу безкраїм за Уралом (The Exile)