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Ramon Saizarbitoria was born in 1944 in San Sebastian. He took a B.A. in sociology from the University of Fribourg in Swizerland and become Director of the Centre for Documentation and Sociological Studies of San Sebastián. He cofounded the Basque publisher LUR with other writers and also founded the magazine Oh Euzkadi. He has written novels, essays and poetry.

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Only books translated into English or translated into/written in Spanish

1976 Ehun Metro (100 meter)
1981 Nacer en Guipúzcoa: (comentarios sobre perinatalidad y prevención)
1982 Venir al mundo
1987 Los mayores también
1995 Hamaika Pauso (Los pasos incontables)
1996 Bihotz bi. Gerrako kronikak (Amor y guerra)
2000 Gorde nazazu lurpean (Guárdame bajo tierra)
2001 Rossetti-ren obsesioa (Rossetti’s Obsession)
2003 Kandinskyren tradizioa (La tradición de Kandinsky)
2012 Martutene (Martutene) (novel)