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Pêr Denez: Glas evel daoulagad c’hlas ha ne oant ket ma re (Blue Like Blue Eyes Which Were Not My Own)

This is a difficult book to review as it is comparatively short – the English text has 102 pages – and much of the book depends on a couple of plot twists which, naturally, I do not want to give away. The story consists of a woman telling her story. We learn, only in passing, that she is Mrs Madeg but we never learn her first name. She has two great joys in life. First and foremost, she is very happily married to Mr. Madeg. They have been married for some time but have no children – they cannot. They run a chemist’s shop together in a village in Brittany and it does well. They enjoy their life together, do things together, have good sex and good food and seem to be very happy. Her second joy is gardening and she tells much about her roses. Her husband has his interests, primarily his extensive music collection and hi-fi, and enjoys listening to his music every evening. Recently he has bought a small boat and likes pottering around in his boat. A fairly simple life for both of them.

And then first one and then another plot twist come and make the story what it is. Denez tells it well and directly. Mrs. Madeg continues to tell her story in the same manner. But, of course, her life has changed – somewhat. It is not too outrageous and not too unpredictable but ends up being a thoroughly amusing, well-told love story. But it is all about the twists.

Publishing history

First published by al Liamm in 1979
First English translation Hor Yezh in 1993
Translated by J Ian Press