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Marcu Biancarelli


Note that in French he is often known as Marc Biancarelli, though sometimes Marco Biancarelli. Marcu Biancarelli was born in Blidu, Algeria, in 1968. He has since worked as a teacher in Corsica. He has written poetry, stories, novels, drama, songs and a filmscript.

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Note French title given where translated into French

1999 Viaghju in Vivaldia
2000 Prighjuneri (Prisonnier) (stories)
2001 San Ghjuvanni in Patmos (Saint Jean à Patmos) (stories)
2002 Parichji dimonia
2003 51 Pegasi astru virtuali (51 Pegasi, astre virtuel) [51 Pegasi, Virtual Star] (novel)
2007 Stremu miridianu (Extrême méridien)
2009 Murtoriu
2010 Vae Victis (Vae victis et autres tirs collatéraux, 2001-2010)
2011 Cusmugrafia (Cosmographie: chroniques littéraires, 2009-2010)
2012 Cuntruversa di Valdu Nieddu
2012 Histoire de la Corse (with Didier Rey and Thierry Schneyder)
2014 Tarrori è fantasia: nuvelli cullettivu
2014 Orphelins de Dieu
2018 Massacres des innocents