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Loukis Akritas was born in Morphou in 1909 as Louikas Hadjiyiannakou. He took the pen name Louis Akritas later, when he became a journalist. He initially worked as a teacher but then moved to Athens where, after some difficulty, as described in his autobiographical novel Νέος με καλάς συστάσεις (Young Man Seeks Position: Good References), he got a job as a journalist, eventually becoming an editor and publisher of his own paper. He later became a member of the Greek parliament and worked as the under-secretary of education under George Papandreou. He died in London in 1965, following an operation.

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1935 Νέος με καλάς συστάσεις (Young Man Seeks Position: Good References)
1936 Ο κάμπος
1936 Διηγήματα
1947 Αρματωμένοι