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Harald Voetmann was born in 1978. He graduated from the Authors’ School in 1999. He was for a time co-editor of the magazine Ildfisken. He has written novels, short stories and poetry, as well as a monograph on the Roman poet Suplicia. He has also translated works from classical Latin. His novel Vågen (Awake) has been translated into English. It is the first of a trilogy on historical characters. The other two (not translated) are about Tycho Brahe and the German mystic Othlo of St. Emmeram.

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2000 Kapricer
2002 Autoharuspeksi
2005 Teutoburger
2008 En alt andet end proper tilstand
2010 Vågen (Awake)
2012 Kødet letter
2015 Syner og fristelser
2016 Sulpicia: en romersk digter,
2017 Tingtale
2020 .C. Andersens Quarantaine-Dagbog: Ogsaa indeholdende hans Fodreise fra Nyhavn til Amalienborg med kort Ophold ved Magasin du Nord i Aaret