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Peter Adolphsen was born in Aarhus in 1972. He grew up in Aalborg, Vienna und Green Bay, Wisconsin. He later spent some time in Spain, studying Arabic in Córdoba. He graduated from the Forfatterskolen (Authors’ School), where he later taught. He started off writing short stories but has since written novels and stories for children.

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Peter Adolphsen
Peter Adolphsen (in Danish)
Peter Adolphsen (in Danish)
Peter Adolphsen (in Danish)
Peter Adolphsen (in German)


1996 Små historier (stories)
2000 Små historier 2 (stories)
2000 Ræsergåsen (children’s)
2003 Brummstein (The Brummstein) (novel)
2004 Verdens længste lor (children’s)
2006 Machine (Machine) (novel)
2007 En million historier (stories)
2009 Katalognien. En versroman (novel in verse – with Ejlert Nyhavn)
2010 Grønland = Kalaallit Nunaat (with Christian Bjoljahn) (literature, art)
2011 Glimfyr og Klumtøs (children’s)
2012 Glimfyr og Klumtøs bygger en tank (children’s)
2013 År 9 efter Loopet (novel)
2016 Blommeægget (children’s)
2016 Papegøjerne spang gok! (children’s)
2017 Rynkekneppesygen (novel)
2018 Jeg kan ikke huske (novel)
2021 Små historier 3 (stories)