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I am regarded as a difficult author, because I write non-fiction as well as fiction, ordinary fiction as well as science fiction, and occasionally what is considered a difficult book; but in my experience the readership of sf, on its more informed level, is remarkably patient, and will always endeavour to comprehend what they at first find incomprehensible. Brian Aldiss: This World and Nearer Ones.

If you are wondering why Brian Aldiss appears here, the above should answer it. I am not sure whether it is a good thing or a bad thing but it is fairly obvious to any intelligent reader that the three most visionary English writers of the second half of the twentieth century are writers who are considered to be science fiction writers – namely Aldiss, J G Ballard and Christopher Priest – but who wrote work that might be described as crossover. Is Barefoot in the Head science fiction or not? Probably, but it is a lot more than that. Moreover, there aren’t many better books from late twentieth century England, whatever the genre. I have only written about three of his books here, though I have read most of them. There are other books that are clearly not science fiction, including the massively controversial Horatio Stubbs books – Hand-Reared Boy, A Soldier Erect and A Rude Awakening, which merit a recommendation in alt.sex.masturbation – Frequently Asked Questions.

Brian Aldiss was born in Dereham, Norfolk in 1925. His father ran a department store. He served in the Royal Signals Corps during World War II. After the army, he worked in a book shop in Oxford, which became the basis for his first novel, The Brightfount Diaries. He then published stories and started to earn more than his work in the book shop so became a full-time writer. He has since published numerous novels, short stories, essays, and books on science fiction and has edited many works as well. He died in 2017.

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