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Cool, trendy, Swiss-born Brit writer. Likes sex and Proust (though I am not sure in which order). He was born in Zurich in 1969, of Sephardic Jewish origins. He grow up in Switzerland before coming to England and was educated at Cambridge University, where he read philosophy. Most of his works are non-fiction, with a philosophical and/or literary bent, though his first work was a sort of novel, which is why he is here. He has also written on travel and architecture and, most recently, on a week he spent at Terminal 5 in Heathrow airport.

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1993 Essays in Love (US: On Love)
1994 The Romantic Movement; Sex, Shopping, and the Novel
1996 Kiss and Tell (novel)
1997 How Proust Can Change Your Life
2000 The Consolations of Philosophy
2002 The Art of Travel
2004 Status Anxiety
2006 The Architecture of Happiness
2009 The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work
2009 A Week at the Airport
2012 Religion for Atheists
2012 How to Think More About Sex
2013 Art as Therapy
2014 The News: A User’s Manual
2016 The Course of Love
2018 How to Travel
2019 The School of Life: An Emotional Education
2019 Emotionally Intelligent Office
2023 A Therapeutic Journey