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Anthony Burgess was born in Manchester in 1917 and was educated at the University of Manchester. He originally wanted to be a musician and remained a competent composer. He served as a colonial officer in Malaya and Borneo and his experiences were the basis for his The Malayan Trilogy, his first novels. In 1959 he contracted a”fatal” illness and took up writing to provide some money for his wife. He would live another thirty-four years. His best known work is A Clockwork Orange, which was made into a famous film by Stanley Kubrick. As well as novels and plays, he also wrote about Joyce, Shakespeare, language and music. He was a voracious if occasionally uncritical reader. He died in 1993. His writings are often interesting and fascinating but, at times, inclined to unnecessary frivolity.

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1956 Time for a Tiger (Part 1 of The Long Day Wanes – The Malayan Trilogy) (novel)
1958 The Enemy in the Blanket (Part 2 of The Long Day Wanes – The Malayan Trilogy) (novel)
1958 English Literature (as John Burgess Wilson) (literature)
1959 Beds in the East (Part 3 of The Long Day Wanes – The Malayan Trilogy) (novel)
1960 The Doctor is Sick (novel)
1960 The Right to an Answer (novel)
1961 One Hand Clapping (as Joseph Kell) (novel)
1961 Devil of a State (novel)
1961 The Worm and the Ring (novel)
1962 The Wanting Seed (novel)
1962 A Clockwork Orange (novel)
1963 Honey for the Bears (novel)
1963 Inside Mr. Enderby (as Joseph Kell) (novel)
1963 The Novel Today (literature)
1964 The Eve of Saint Venus (novel)
1964 Language Made Plain (language)
1964 Nothing like the Sun (novel)
1965 Re Joyce
1965 Tremor of Intent (novel)
1965 Here Comes Everybody (later: Re Joyce) (literature)
1965 A Vision of Battlements (novel)
1967 The Novel Now (literature)
1968 Enderby Outside (US: Enderby) (novel)
1968 Urgent Copy (journalism)
1970 Shakespeare (biography)
1971 MF (novel)
1973 Joysprick (literature)
1973 Obscenity and the Arts (essay)
1974 Napoleon Symphony (novel)
1974 The Clockwork Testament (novel)
1975 Moses – the Lawgiver (television play)
1976 A Long Trip to Teatime
1976 New York (with Editors of Time-Life Books) (travel)
1976 Beard’s Roman Woman (novel)
1976 Moses: a Narrative
1977 Abba Abba (novel)
1977 Will and Testament (story)
1977 A Christmas Recipe (poetry)
1978 Ernest Hemingway and His World (biography)
1978 1985 (novel)
1979 Man of Nazareth (novel)
1979 The Land Where The Ice-Cream Grows
1979 Scrissero in Inglese (literature)
1980 Earthly Powers (novel)
1982 This Man and Music (music)
1982 The End of the World News (novel)
1982 On Going to Bed (essay)
1984 Enderby’s Dark Lady (novel)
1984 99 Novels: the Best in English since 1939: a Personal Choice (literature)
1985 Flame into Being: the Life and Work of D. H. Lawrence (biography)
1985 The Kingdom of the Wicked (novel)
1985 Oberon Old and New
1986 Little Wilson and Big God (autobiography)
1986 The Piano Players (novel)
1986 Blooms of Dublin (radio play)
1986 But Do Blondes Prefer Gentlemen?: Homage to Qwert Yuiop (journalism)
1988 They Wrote in English
1987 A Clockwork Orange (play – adaptation of his own novel)
1989 Any Old Iron (novel)
1989 The Devil’s Mode (stories)
1990 You’ve Had Your Time (autobiography)
1991 Mozart and the Wolf Gang (novel)
1991 On Mozart: a Paean for Wolfgang (music)
1991 A Meeting in Valladolid (radio play))
1992 A Mouthful of Air: Language and Languages, Especially English (language)
1993 A Dead Man in Deptford (novel)
1994 Future Imperfect
1997 Byrne: A Novel (novel)
1998 One Man’s Chorus: the Uncollected Writings (journalism)
1998 Rencontre au Sommet (conversations with Isaac Bashevis Singer)
2002 Revolutionary Sonnets and Other Poems (poetry)