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Alan Burns is a well-known experimental novelist and child of the Sixties. As well as novels, he was written a play and articles on censorship. He was born in London in 1929. He served in the army and then studied the law, and was called to the bar. He became a libel lawyer for the Daily Express newspaper. He was later a professor of English literature at the University of Minnesota. He died in 2014.

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1961 Buster (novel)
1965 Europe after the Rain (novel)
1967 Celebrations (novel)
1969 Babel (novel)
1972 Dreamerika! (novel)
1975 The Angry Brigade (novel)
1974 Palach (play)
1981 The Day Daddy Died (novel)
1982 The Imagination on Trial (interviews – with Charles Sugnet)
1986 Revolutions of the Night (novel)