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Chris McCabe was born in Liverpool in 977. He studied for a degree in Literary Studies at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston. He moved to London and now works as a Joint Librarian at the Poetry Library on the South Bank. He has written many works of poetry, two novels and works on the lost poets of London.

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Chris McCabe
Chris McCabe
Chris McCabe
Chris McCabe
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2005 The Hutton Inquiry (poetry)
2008 Zeppelins (poetry)
2010 Shad Thames, Broken Wharf (an elegy)
2011 THEThe Restructure (poetry)
2012 Poems for sale (poetry)
2013 Pharmapoetica: a Dispensary of Poetry (poetry)
2014 Speculatrix (Penned in the Margins (poetry)
2014 In the Catacombs: A Summer Among the Dead Poets of West Norwood Cemetery: 1 (The Lost Poets of the Magnificent Seven) (literature)
2016 Real South Bank Travel)
2017 Cenotaph South: Mapping the Lost Poets of Nunhead Cemetery: 2 (The Lost Poets of the Magnificent Seven) (literature)
2017 The Affairs Of Dylan Thomas
2018 Triumph of Cancers (poetry)
2018 Dedalus (novel)
2019 The East Edge : Nightwalks With The Dead Poets of Tower Hamlets
2019 Mud (novel)
2020 Talk to that & Other Poems (poetry)
2021 Buried Garden (literature)