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Jenny Diski was born in London in 1947. She studied at the University of London and worked as a teacher before becoming a journalist and fiction writer. She lived with the poet, Ian Patterson, whom she referred to as The Poet in her writing. She has written novels, travel books, essays and a book of short stories. She was well-known as a regular contributor to various newspapers and magazines, particularly The London Review of Books. She was diagnosed with inoperable cancer in 2014 and died in 2016.

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Jenny Diski
Jenny Diski
Jenny Diski
Jenny Diski


1986 Nothing Natural (novel)
1987 Rainforest (novel)
1988 Like Mother (novel)
1990 Then Again (novel)
1991 Happily Ever After (novel)
1994 Monkey’s Uncle (novel)
1995 The Vanishing Princess (stories)
1996 The Dream Mistress (novel)
1997 Skating to Antarctica (travel)
1998 Don’t (essays)
2000 Only Human (novel)
2002 Stranger on a Train (travel)
2003 A View from the Bed (essays)
2004 After These Things (novel)
2006 On Trying to Keep Still (essays)
2008 Apology for the Woman Writing (novel)
2009 The Sixties (cultural history)
2010 What I Don’t Know About Animals (nature)
2016 In Gratitude (articles)
2017 The Vanishing Princess (stories)
2021 Why Didn’t You Just Do What You Were Told? (essays)