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Pete E Flomack


Pete Flomack was born in 1952 in Ilkley, Yorkshire. His father was an engineer. After studying at the local grammar school, he intended to go to university to study law but decided to abandon that idea and set off travelling on the hippie trail. He spent three years abroad in South and South-East Asia. On returning to England, he worked various odd jobs, including working in a bookshop and in a warehouse. During this time, he produced his three books, which were published by a small and long since defunct publisher. Little is known of the first two but the third was a novel which was inventive and original but received virtually no publicity and has not been reprinted. It is now impossible to find. It seems that some time after writing these books, he once again set out on his travels. He has not been heard from since and may well have died or stayed abroad.


1974 Jimson of High Nellands
1974 Reparation
1979 A Lovely View of Every Year