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James Hamilton-Paterson was born in London in 1941. Both of his parents were doctors. He went to Oxford University, where he won the Newdigate Prize for poetry. He worked as a hospital porter, before working for the New Statesman and Nova magazine. He started dividing his time between living in the Philippines and Italy. His breakthrough came with his novel about Sir Edward Elgar, Gerontius. He has written, poetry, stories, novels and non-fiction, particularly about the Philippines.

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James Hamilton-Paterson
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1969 Flight Underground (children’s)
1970 The House in the Waves (children’s)
1971 A Very Personal War: The Story of Cornelius Hawkridge (non-fiction)
1974 Option Three (poetry)
1978 Hostage (children’s)
1978 Mummies: Death and Life in Ancient Egypt (non-fiction)
1984 Dutch Alps (poetry)
1987 Playing with Water: Passion and Solitude on a Philippine Island (later: Playing with Water: Alone on a Philippine Island) (non-fiction)
1987 The View from Mount Dog (fiction)
1989 Gerontius (fiction)
1990 The Bell Boy (US: That Time in Malomba) (fiction)
1992 Seven-Tenths: Meditations on the Sea and Its Thresholds (US: The Great Deep: The Sea and Its Thresholds) (non-fiction)
1993 Griefwork (fiction)
1994 Ghosts of Manila (fiction)
1995 The Music: Stories (fiction)
1998 Three Miles Down: A Hunt for Sunken Treasure (later: Three Miles Down: A Firsthand Account of Deep Sea Exploration and a Hunt for Sunken World War II Treasure) (non-fiction)
1998 America’s Boy: The Rise and Fall of Marcos and Other Misadventures of U.S. Colonialism in the Philippines (US: America’s Boy: A Century of Colonialism in the Philippines) (later: America’s Boy: The Marcoses and the Philippines) (non-fiction)
2002 Loving Monsters (fiction)
2004 Cooking with Fernet Branca (fiction)
2006 Amazing Disgrace (fiction)
2008 Rancid Pansies (fiction)
2010 Vom Meer (essays)
2010 Empire of the Clouds (essay)
2014 Under the Radar
2015 Marked for Death : The First War in the Air
2016 Beethoven’s Eroica : The First Great Romantic Symphony
2107 Blackbird : The Untouchable Spy Plane
2018 What We Have Lost
2020 Trains, Planes, Ships and Automobiles
2023 Stuck Monkey: The Deadly Planetary Cost of the Things We Love