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Hugh Lupton was born in1952 in Cambridge. He was the great-nephew of Arthur Ransome, whom he visited and listened to his stories. He was educated at the King’s College School, Cambridge. He became a teacher. In 1985 he formed the Company of Storytellers with Ben Haggarty and Pomme Clayton, to tell stories to adults. They toured the country, ran workshops and performed all over the country. As well as telling stories he has published books, often authored with Daniel Morden, retelling a variety of tales for both adults and children.

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Hugh Lupton
Hugh Lupton


1998 The Wisdom and Wonder (stories)
1999 Freaky Tales from Far and Wide (children’s)
2000 The Songs of Birds : Stories and Poems from Many Cultures (with Steve Palin)
2000 Norfolk Songline: Walking the Peddars Way (children’s)
2000 The Songs of Birds: Poems and Stories from Many Cultures
2000 Tales of Wisdom and Wonde r( (children’s)
2000 A Norfolk Songline : Walking the Peddars Way
2001 The Barefoot Book of Tales for Toddlers (illustrated Sophie by Fatus) (children’s)
2003 The Gingerbread Man (children’s)
2003 Riddle Me This! : Riddles and Stories To Challenge Your Mind (illustrated Sophie by Fatus) (children’s)
2003 Pirican Pic and Pirican Mor
2005 The Story Tree: Tales to Read Aloud (illustrated Sophie by Fatus) (children’s)
2006 The Adventures of Odysseus
2007 Tales of Mystery and Magic
2007 The Dreaming Of Place : Storytelling and Landscape
2009 Spooky Tales
2010 The Ballad of John Clare
2012 The Adventures of Achilles (with Daniel Morden)
2013 Orpheus and Eurydice (with Daniel Morden)
2013 Demeter and Persephone (with Daniel Morden)
2013 Norfolk Folk Tales
2013 Theseus and the Minotaur (with Daniel Morden)
2017 Greek Myths: Three Heroic Tales with Daniel Morden)
2018 The Assembly of the Severed Head : The Making of the Mabinogi
2019 The Story Tree (illustrated Sophie by Fatus) (children’s)
2019 Tales of Wisdom & Wonder
2022 Dreaming Of Place : Articles, Essays, Reviews, Talks And Praise