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Margaret Elizabeth Heald Jenkins was born in 1905 in Hitchin. Her father was the headmaster of a school he set up. She studied English and history at Cambridge University and then became a teacher. During the war she worked assisting refugees and air-raid victims and then worked for the government. She made a career both as a novelist and as a biographer. Her biographies included one of Jane Austen and she was also a founder member of the Jane Austen Society. However, her favourite of her own books was the story of Dr Gully, who was suspected in the poisoning of Charles Bravo but the was no evidence to link him to the affair. She died in 2010, aged 104.

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Elizabeth Jenkins


1930 Virginia Water (novel)
1931 The Winters (novel),
1932 Lady Caroline Lamb: A Biography
1933 Portrait of an Actor (novel)
1934 Harriet (Murder by Neglect) (novel)
1935 Doubtful Joy (novel)
1936 The Phoenix’ Nest (novel)
1938 Jane Austen: A Biography
1944 Robert and Helen (novel)
1947 Henry Fielding (biography)
1947 Young Enthusiasts (fiction/memoir)
1949 Six Criminal Women (biography)
1954 The Tortoise and the Hare (novel)
1955 Ten Fascinating Women (biography)
1958 Elizabeth the Great (biography)
1960 Joseph Lister (juvenile)
1961 Elizabeth and Leicester (biography)
1963 Brightness (novel)
1968 Honey (novel)
1972 Dr. Gully (later: Dr. Gully’s Story) (novel)
1974 Tennyson and Dr. Gully (biography)
1975 The Mystery of King Arthur (nonfiction)
1978 The Princes in the Tower (history)
1982 The Shadow and the Light: A Defense of Daniel Douglas Home, the Medium
1992 A Silent Joy (novel)
1993 Great cases of Scotland Yard: Thomas Neill Cream, Poisoner (with Andrew Garve and Clive Egleton)
2004 The View from Downshire Hill (memoirs)