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Julian Mitchell was born in 1935 in Epping, Essex and was educated at Wadham and St. Antony’s Colleges, Oxford. In 1958, he went to the USA on a Harkness Fellowship. He returned to England to pursue an academic career at Oxford before becoming a full-time writer. As well as writing novels, he has written much literary criticism as well as adapting novels for the stage, writing plays (particularly adaptations of the novels of Ivy Compton-Burnett) and writing screenplays, including the screenplay for Wilde and scripts for the popular Inspector Morse TV series.

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1961 Imaginary Toys (novel)
1962 A Disturbing Influence (novel)
1963 As Far As You Can Go (novel)
1964 The White Father (novel)
1966 A Circle of Friends (novel)
1966 A Heritage and its History (drama)
1966 How to Abolish the Human or The Contemporary Arts and the Writer (lecture)
1968 The Undiscovered Country (novel)
1972 Truth and Fiction
1972 Shadow in the Sun (drama)
1976 A Family and a Fortune (drama)
1977 Half-Life (drama)
1982 Another Country (drama)
1984 Francis (drama)
1986 After Aida or Verdi’s Messiah
1994 Falling over England (drama)
1994 August: an Adaptation of Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya (drama)
1997 Wilde (screenplay)