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Matthew Kneale was born on the Isle of Man in 1960 and attended Oxford University, where he read modern history. He spent a year in Japan teaching English. He has lived in Oxford and Italy. His parents are the writers Nigel Kneale and Judith Kerr.

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1987 Whore Banquets (later: Mr. Foreigner) (novel)
1989 Inside Rose’s Kingdom (novel)
1992 Sweet Thames (novel)
2000 English Passengers (novel)
2004 Small Crimes in an Age of Abundance (stories)
2006 Powder (story)
2007 When We Were Romans (novel)
2013 An Atheist’s History of Belief
2017 Rome : A History in Seven Sackings
2020 Pilgrims
2021 The Rome Plague Diaries : Lockdown Life in the Eternal City
2023 The Cameraman (novel)