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Hanif Kureishi was born in Bromley, Kent, in 1954. He read philosophy at the University of London. He became famous for My Beautiful Laundrette, a play about a gay Pakistani-English boy, which was made into a successful film. While being better known as a playwright and film scriptwriter/director, he has also produced several novels and short story selections. His novel, The Buddha of Suburbia, became a successful television production.

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1981 Borderline (drama)
1983 Birds of Passage (drama)
1983 Outskirts and Other Plays (drama)
1985 My Beautiful Laundrette (screenplay)
1990 The Buddha of Suburbia (novel)
1991 London Kills Me (screenplay)
1996 The Black Album (novel)
1997 Love in a Blue Time (stories)
1998 My Son, the Fanatic (screenplay)
1998 Intimacy (novella)
1999 Midnight All Day (stories)
2001 Gabriel’s Gift (novel)
2002 Dreaming and Scheming: Reflections on Writing and Politics (non-fiction)
2002 The Body and Other Stories (stories)
2002 Collected Screenplays (screenplays)
2003 The Mother (screenplays)
2004 My Ear at His Heart (memoirs)
2004 When The Night Begins (drama)
2005 Word And The Bomb (essays)
2007 Venus (screenplay)
2008 Something to Tell You (novel)
2009 The Black Album (drama)
2014 The Last Word (novel)
2015 Love + Hate: Stories and Essays
2017 The Nothing (novel)
2021 Collected essays : 1986-2011
2021 What Happened? : Stories and Essays